Stromectolhas been on the pharmaceutical market for a little more than 40 years. During this period, it was successfully tested for numerous parasitic diseases. The medicine is effective and helps to combat quite serious problems.

Moreover, lately, it has beentested against viruses and there is some evidence of the possibilities and prospects in this area. Thus, let’s unveil the most valuable details about this remedy, its action and the rules of the intake.

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What is Stromectol

This remedy is a well-known anti-parasitic agent. Its active ingredient is called ivermectin. The molecule was developed in 1975 and scientists needed six more years to establish its biological activity, prove safety and provide it on the pharmaceutical market.

Nowadays the World Health Organization includes it in the list of essential medicines. In addition, it is also utilized in the veterinary practice. Scientific investigations are also still in progress as the molecules may be effective against viruses. It was even tested against COVID-19 in some countries but there is not enough evidence to claim this action.

Stromectol belongs to the prescription group. However, modern online pharmaceutical services allow purchasing generics after the virtual consultation. If you already have a prescription, there will be no problems to purchase the pills online. Anyway, one needs to establish the dose for the treatment and this should be done by the specialist.

Can I Buy Stromectol Over The Counter?

Yes, there is a perfect possibility to purchase Stromectol OTC nowadays. Select a reliable online pharmaceutical service, get a virtual consultation and place an order. This option has become quite popular due to the following reasons:

  • it saves your time and allows place an order in a few clicks;
  • one can compare prices and manufacturers and select the most suitable option;
  • the delivery is done right to your home;
  • the online service guarantees the privacy and safety of your personal data.

In addition, there are various sales and promotions to benefit from. Thus, no wonder, online pharmacies have gained such a huge popularity. Actually, we are used to purchasing everything online in the modern world and medicines are not an exception.

Therefore, do not hesitate to learn more about an online purchase and give it a try to collect your own experience and enjoy a fast and high-quality service.

Uses of Stromectol

In which cases this remedy is prescribed? It has a really wide action spectrum and is able to combat a lot of dangerous parasites. The following illnesses are the most common.

In addition, we should mention the utilization of this remedy for COVID-19 treatment. This issue is still under investigation but there were some promising results. Thus, the scientific community is interested in Stromectol and continues to study it to find out other beneficial properties.

Parasitic worms

Different forms of parasitic worms can be treated with the help of this remedy in both adults and children. The patient should weigh more than 15 kilograms. The dose is selected according to the weight and should be determined by the specialist.

On average, 200 micrograms per kilogram of body weight are prescribedas a single dose. One pill contains 3 milligrams of ivermectin. Thus, the doctor makes the required calculations and explains how to use the medicine.

Head lice

In addition to the pills, nowadays we have some topical dosage forms that can be utilized in the case of head lice, scabies, river blindness and rosacea.

This choice is a bit unusual. However, Stromectol can be helpful when other remedies are not efficient or are contraindicated. Again, the dose must be selected individually according to the condition of the patient. Still, topical dosage forms are associated with fewer side effects, so a wider range of patients can benefit from them.


Last but not least goes the special treatment in the endemic areas where certain parasites are more than common and affect a huge part of the population. In this case, a mass drug administration is utilizedto control diseases caused by parasites like lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis.

This approach has proven itself to be effective and powerful in combating parasitic invasions. In addition, Stromectol revealed high efficiency against these parasites combined with low occurrence of side effects. Therefore, such an approach allows for combating this problem and curinglots of people with a single dose of this anti-parasitic agent.

How Stromectol Works

For now, the exact mechanisms of action are under investigation. At the same time, we can claim that there is more than one way in which Stromectol kills the parasites. It hinders the works of their nervous system and the proper transmission of the signals. In addition, it has a bad impact on the muscular tissues.

It should be noted that the active ingredient kills only developing parasites and may leave behind their eggs or other immature forms. That is why more than one dose is sometimes required.

Furthermore, the remedy has a selective action and does not bring harmful consequences to adults. With children, the situation may be a bit more complicated, so an individual decision is required.

Last but not least there is some scarce evidence on the antiviral action of the drug. Therefore, some countries utilized it against COVID-19. Still, the scientific community has many doubts on this issue and for now does not advise this type of treatment.

Effectiveness of Stromectol

This remedy is FDA-approved and backed by science. Numerous scientific investigations have proven its efficiency and safety for humans. The utilization of this medicine greatly helped to combat parasitic invasions in the endemic regions of the world.

For now, Stromectol is utilized for the cure of head lice, scabies, river blindness (onchocerciasis), strongyloidiasis, trichocephaliasis, ascariasis and lymphatic filariasis.These diseases can be successfully treated even with only one dose of the remedy calculated according to the individual characteristics of the patient.

Altogether, we have enough evidence of the potency and abilities of this remedy. It is widely used in clinical practice and is recommended by the World Health Organization.

Dosage Guidelines

Nowadays there are both oral pills and some topical dosage forms with Stromectol. They are prescribed according to the type of invasion and condition of the patient.

The same is true about the dose. It must be chosen individually taking into account the illness and the weight of the patient. As a rule of thumb, the pills are not prescribed for children who weigh less than 15 kg.

In other cases, the doctor selects the dose and the regimen according to the situation. Thus, a single dose is usually enough to treat the most common parasitic invasions. When it comes to lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis, the course consists of several doses taken at some intervals.
It’s crucial to follow the recommendations given by a specialist to recover and at the same time avoid side effects.

In addition, the medicine should be taken between meals, at least one hour before or two hours after eating. The pill is taken with a glass of water. It’s important to control the reaction of the body and inform the doctor if any adverse effects appear.

Safety and Side Effects

Before using this remedy, one should learn more about the main contraindications. They include:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
  • allergic reactions to the main ingredient of the medicine or any auxiliary substances;
  • liver and kidney diseases;
  • cancer;
  • HIV and AIDS;
  • illnesses that weaken the immune system.

There is scientific evidence that ivermectin is harmful to the newborns and the fetus. That is why women should inform a healthcare provider about these issues.

In addition, this remedy has quite a powerful action, so the weakened immune system may lead to certain complications. In this case, the doctor may correct the dose or select another option for treatment.

As for possible side effects, minor issues include:

  • headaches;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • skin rash.

They usually disappear without any additional means of treatment. Still, if they persist or become worse, then tell your healthcare provider at once.And if any severe reaction occurs, especially allergy, call the emergency at once and do not waste the time. Such cases are very rare but they still happen sometimes. Therefore, it’s better when the treatment is controlled by a specialist who can react at once if this is needed.

Stromectol Customer Reviews

Hanna, 35: I was shocked to be diagnosed with a parasitic infection. This happened for the first time for me and I panicked a lot. However, with Stromectol, I recover quickly and completely! It appeared that only a single dose of the medicine was required. Moreover, I purchased it online. Thus, the problem was solved quickly and I’m totally satisfied.

Jack, 42: I was in need of purchase of Stromectol for my children. My wife consulted a doctor and got detailed recommendations. However, there were no pills in the nearest pharmacy and we didn’t have time to search a lot. The doctor recommended us an online service and it was a quick and satisfactory purchase.

Mary, 28: Online shopping is one of the best modern tools that I appreciate. Not so long ago I discovered that I could also purchase medicines online. Cool! For example, Stromectol is available and this helped me to get this medicine quickly when I was in need. Now I buy medicines online and enjoy this service as it is reliable and convenient.


In a nutshell, Stromectol is an agent that helps to combat the most serious cases of parasitic invasions. It’s worth knowing how effective and strong it is while planning the treatment. Therefore, even when you purchase Stromectol OTC, do not neglect the consultation with the specialist who will help you select a proper dose.

Keep in mind that overdosing in this case is quite dangerous and there are also certain contraindications and individual characteristics that should be taken into account on the prescription stage. Stay healthy and use medicines responsibly!


How to take stromectol for scabies?

In this case, the dose is calculated individually as 200 micrograms per kilogram of weight of the patient. It should be taken as a single dose. A doctor should give further recommendations on the treatment.

How much ivermectin do you take to get rid of parasites?

This depends on the type of parasites, severity of the disease and individual characteristics of the patients, such as age and weight. Therefore, each case requires an individually chosen dose. On average, a single dose is from 100 to 200 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.

What is the difference between ivermectin and Stromectol?

Stromectol is a brand name and ivermectin is a name of an active ingredient. The latter can be also used for generics. But basically, these two options are the same according to their nature and properties.